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Hello we are Jessica and Tyler. We love laughing, art, shoes, nature, travel, craft beer, music and cats (well I, Jessica love cats). We love to photograph people in all situations. We love to capture love, whether it be at weddings, or with a newly engaged couple, children or families. We are big believers in staying true to yourself, especially in photos. You don't want to hang photos in your living room of stuffy poses or fake smiles. We like to get to know our clients and make sure your personalities show through the photos.

Jessica got the opportunity to intern with Carl Heilman II. She graduated four years ago with a degree in Communications&Media Arts. She has been traveling abroad for 9 years and it has given her an opportunity back and discover which area of photography she wants to further pursue. She is taking advantage of every opportunity presented to her and her camera never leaves her side.

Tyler is new to Bird on a Wire Photography, wonderful with people. He will be the person that will lighten the mood and has a growing passion for photography. He lived and studied in Europe for two years and has also spent time abroad giving back. Tyler is the problem solver, prop/set builder, handyman and the hardest worker you will ever meet.

We also have two other lovely ladies that work with us on weddings, Kate and Moriah. Kate is a talented crafter, wood worker, film and zumi lover and a wonderful photographer that sees things in a way I don't. Her abstract work accentuates lines, symmetry and composition. Kate truly appreciates film and light leaks ( and often uses holga and zumii for her personal documentation.)
Moriah is a nomad, free spirit and knows how to have a good time. She has an eclectic resume that show off her many talents and she really just flies by the seat of her pants. Moriah loves the outdoors, international travel, road trips and camping and uses any opportunity to get to know her camera more and explore nontraditional camera techniques.

We love what we do and would love to work with you, contact us and see if we are a good fit for you.

It is our love... It is our passion... It is our life.

Currently- in Upstate NY and happy newlyweds! Head over to the new website!

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